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Hair Transplant in Siliguri

Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center has the best hair restoration surgery to give if you are looking for an affordable place get your hair done. Are you tired of listening to the taunts that you have to face for your fallen hair? Do you wish to fix it? In that case, you can trust us blindly, as we use state-of-the-art infrastructure that will help you to get the best results in the shortest span of time. With the guaranteed result we have come up with the best staff that will help you get over this misfortune of baldness once and for all.

In Kolkata is the clinic which is very near to Siliguri. Hair Transplant in Siliguri by Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia has been highly respected by patients from whole India, as he is a Master in Plastic Surgery from the famous PG Hospital in Kolkata. Therefore, he has a firm knowledge of the two procedures namely FUT and FUE that can give you back your good tuft. Yes, you can trust our name in this field.

Cost of hair transplant in Siliguri at PLCSC

We believe that a good hair is deserved by all, irrespective of any class. Therefore our doctor has arranged payments into splits. If a patient is unable to pay the amount in one sitting, he can go for two to three sittings where the procedure will be divided in the same number of splits. Thus it will be easy on tge patient’s part to give the money. The price that we demand is thus payable by all who can think of having a makeover by implanting some new hair follicles in their bald region.

Therefore, the cost of hair transplant in Siliguri is considered affordable as it is kept as minimum as Rs. 60,000. The class service that we try to give to our patients is another reason why you should choose us. The detailed information that we provide in a consultation process will not leave any doubt in your mind. Therefore, you know who to contact if you are a locale of Siliguri and have been affected by immense hair fall.

About Siliguri

Siliguri is considered to be the halt station of the various tour destinations in the northern part of Bengal, linking Darjeeling, Gangtok, Bhutan. Did you know that it has one of the largest wholesale markets in the state named HongKong market? The adjacent to the former is Bidhan Market and these two market places serve as one of the most visited tourist spots, as who would not love shopping that too in the cheapest rates possible? To continue that spree, Dr.Sonthalia has come with the cheapest hair transplant clinic to give your desired look which you have lost due to unhealthy food habits, hereditary illness or any other reason.