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Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon) ( MBBS) (M.S) (M.Ch)
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Hair Transplant in Shillong

Welcome to Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We cater to patients looking for hair transplant, grafting and restoration. We are a Kolkata-based medical centre offers the services or treatments to people of Shillong. Our lead surgeon, Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, is recognised as one of the top notch talents the medical fraternity has ever owned in the field of hair restoration. The doctor holds a Master degree in Plastic Surgery and has successfully carried out a number of surgeries till date.

The hair transplant in Shillong is most sought after in Meghalaya by PLCSC. We provide consultation prior to the surgery so that patients can enter the Operation Theatre free from all doubts and fears. So, if you are hunting for a good, reliable clinic for hair restoration, come to our centre in Kolkata and walk away with a winsome tuft of natural hair on your scalp.

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Shillong At PLCSC

Price is the first thing that worries a common man when it comes to a surgery. Fear not, because PLCSC believes in making the procedure available and affordable for all. Of course, the cost of hair transplant in Shillong varies from individual to individual, depending on the number of grafts, the length of hair, the density, and other factors. We charge Rs. 60,000 as a base charge for initial treatment.

If you compare this price with those charged by other clinic in the city of beyond, you will find this to be very reasonable, keeping in mind the intricacy of the procedure and the results desired. At Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery, our surgeons talk to patients in person to understand the severity of their condition. Accordingly, the FUT or FUE method is chosen and the transplantation carried out.

About Shillong

This beautiful pine city in the state of Meghalaya is a hill station that is jotted down in almost every traveller’s bucket list. The atmosphere is cool and peaceful, and perfect for healthy hair and skin. Still and all, the inhabitants of the place have not been able to escape the wrath of hair troubles. Falling tresses and receding hairlines are common here, too.

But, wait. You still have the chance to win back your lovely tresses with the help of hair transplant. Yes, say yes to natural, beautiful hair by opting for this permanent cure and enjoy living in Shillong city nestled in Meghalaya – the abode of clouds. Contact us to know more.