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Hair Transplant in Rourkela

Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center offers world class services for hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia gets huge appreciation from the innumerable patients in Kolkata and Rourkela, Odhisa. The city which was known for its steel plants and the National Institute of Technology is ready to wash away the sadness of the people who cry over their fallen hair. Thus, the earnest urge of Mr. Sonthalia to give a good tuft of hair to the majority gives another reason to name this city for in the coming years. So, if you are a locale of this city and wish to go for Hair Transplant in Rourkela, then you know where to visit.

As Dr. Sonthalia is a professional in this field and has been an M.Ch in plastic surgery, so he understands the doubt that breeds in every individual’s mind when they go under the knife. Therefore he has arranged informative consultation prior to every surgery. After the consultation, the procedure demands for an examination of the patient’s scalp. Once, this is done, there comes the determination of the cost of the entire process. It is dependent on the patient as well as the thickness or volume of the hair that he desires. After a detailed discussion with the doctor, our staff will be able to tell you the exact cost of the procedure.

Cost of hair transplant in Rourkela

Many would think it to be an expensive procedure, but that can surely change once you contact PLCSC for enquiring the price. It can cost you up to Rs. 60,000 depending on the amount of grafts you would want. Now, you know the cost of hair transplant in Rourkela is the most cost effective in comparison to the other cities. Therefore, you can come down to the clinic right away.

We offer detailed information to the patient so that he understands the difference between the two methods namely FUT and FUE. The surgery is further guaranteed of no side effects as you will achieve organic results in the given time. Within two weeks the donor area gets back to the normal look and it will no more be a reason for your home bound. There is also no gender or age bar for this surgery. Hence, you can come and experience it at once, if you were thinking of Putting an end to your baldness once and for all.

About Rourkela

Rourkela is a place in Odisha in the northern border of the state. The city is also known as Ispat Nagar as it is extremely famous for steel plants and has one of the largest of the same. It is also one of the prime locations for the NIT Rourkela. It is one of the metropolitan cities which fall into the category of smart cities. It is also surrounded by a range of hills and enclosed by rivers which give beautiful images in different seasons.

As it is one of the trendiest cities of the country, hair transplant will be a new thing to set in. in order to get your desired look with voluminous tresses you must get in touch with PLCSC at once.