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Hair Transplant In Raniganj

Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center has shown you the path of happiness and it reached Raniganj too from Kolkata as so many patients from this location visits us regularly. If you are suffering from baldness that has taken a toll on your appearance and you have locked yourself in a room, then here is good news for you. PLCSC has been serving to make lives better for those who are suffering from abnormalities of hair in Kolkata.

Hair Transplant in Raniganj at PLCSC is the easiest and safest method for the restoration of your loosing locks. We start with a consultation sitting where we discuss the method and the way it is going to be carried out. We also ask about the preferences of the patients, if there is any, and accordingly frame up a procedure. After the consultation, we examine the scalp to understand better about the patients’ body and gradually proceed with the grafting.

Cost Of Hair Transplant in Raniganj

We at PLCSC offer the best possible rate for the process of hair transplant. With an expert staff and detailed examination we would also explain you the factors that affect the price of the method. The determining factor of the method is the number of grafts that the patient wishes to implant on his affected area. But all in all the Cost of Hair Transplant in Raniganj is as less as Rs. 60,000.

Dr. Sonthalia is a well educated and experienced man in this field, so he knows what can pull back a middle class Indian from the surgery. So, he has divided the procedure into two to three sittings by which, a person gets enough time to arrange the money in between the sessions. With guaranteed organic results and a promising natural look, we are a name that you can trust on blindly.

About Raniganj

A neighbour to Assansol, Raniganj is a beautiful place with forest and lake, giving a feel of serenity. But, the place earns its name for its coal field. The evolution of coalfield has led to industrialisation in this area which has slowly led to cutting of the trees. This has enhanced the pollution in this local all the more, which, in turn, has led to excessive hair loss amongst people. Therefore, a hair transplant centre in this area can save you from going completely bald. All you have to do is visit the clinic as and when you spot traces of baldness in your scalp. Contact PLCSC today to know more about the procedure and its cost.