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Hair Transplant In Malda

Once you head to the Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, you must be assured of any hair related problems that have lead to sudden baldness. Be it the traction alopecia or the hereditary baldness, either the bald patches in the crown area or the receding hairlines every question to massive hair fall has an answer when you come to our clinic.

We would first precede a consultation, and then gradually head on to an examination of the scalp. This will determine the donor area and the number of hair follicles to be grafted to the affected area. Then the process of hair transplant will be divided into sittings or in some cases, the entire process will be done in one sitting. You pay the money and the procedure is over. It is as simple as that. Hair Transplant In Malda has started gaining the name because of this simple process.

Cost of Hair Transplant In Malda at PLCSC

Are you thinking about the pocket pinch that is going to impend upon you? Dr. Sonthalia has taken special care to make the entire process affordable. India is a developing country, and he knows the majority would aspire to do something with looks, if their hair loss has given them an unusual feeling. But most of them would either back track because of the monetary factor or some would think about the intricate details of the process. As the process is discussed above in a gist, the monetary factor is yet to be revealed.

The Cost of Hair Transplant In Malda is as low as Rs. 60,000, which is a payable amount for the mediocre if they wish to get a natural look post the hair implantation. And, even if the amount exceeds your budget, but still you would like to go through the surgery for the sake of your hairs, then the doctor has also arranged another systematic way of dealing with the process. He will divide the process into two or three sittings and therefore, you will get time to give the money through installments with each sitting.

About the city

The district Malda is rich in culture and is an agricultural base. With budding industries of Mango, Jute and Silk it has become an important part of Bengal. But, did you know it was once the capital of Bengal? And hence, a lot of people get exposed to the heat and pollution of the industries and agricultural hard work. Thus, the people of the locality who might suffer from baldness and constant hair loss for the extreme exposure to heat and styling can therefore avail the service that the PLCSC offers at Kolkata visiting the clinic.