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Hair Transplant in Jamshedpur

At Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we engage in aesthetic surgeries relevant to hair grafting, transplant, and restoration. We are located in Kolkata and have patients coming from Jamshedpur as well. Ours is a lifetime solution to fight baldness and receding hairlines with zero scar and pain. The best part is, our services can be sought without burning a hole in your pocket. We are early adopters of technology, and hence, use the most advanced techniques to cure baldness.

PLCSC is headed by Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, a skilled hair surgeon with certifications and a proven track record of successfully accomplishing over 4000 surgeries that have resulted in the growth of natural hair. His knowledge and experience has been absorbed by the team of surgeons the clinic employs, which they apply to their work. Our proficiency, sincerity, research-oriented approach, and result-driven zeal makes us one of the most favoured destinations for hair transplant in Jamshedpur. Should you be considering the surgery to win back your lost hair, remember that you can always put your trust in us.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Jamshedpur at PLCSC

The price depends on the level of baldness a patient is carrying. Yet again, it will also be determined by the density of hair you want to grow. The surgeons in PLCSC are well-versed in both FUT and FUE – the two most significant techniques of the surgery. Our package for initial treatment starts at Rs. 60,000. Don’t fret, because this is the most unbeatable cost option you will ever get.

We bet, you can’t find a service as affordable as this anywhere else in the country or abroad. We decide the cost of hair transplant in Jamshedpur keeping in mind the needs of the common man so that patients from all walks of life can afford it. No hidden charges, no wallet denting – only hair that is 100% organic. Do you want to know more about the charges? Give us a call now.

About Jamshedpur

It is the seventh cleanest city in India and has been predicted to be the 84th fastest growing in the world! However, the Steel City features extreme hot weather conditions and heavy rainfall – both the conditions are unfavourable for beautiful hair. To top that, the excessive stress level in everyday life leads to issues like irreversible hair loss.

Because a balding scalp lowers a person’s self esteem and renders him almost a social outcast, it is wise to opt for a permanent solution to end this woe once and for all. We at PLCSC recommend you to go for hair transplant – a sure shot way of re-growing lost tresses. Are you interested? Contact us now.