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Hair Transplant in Haldia

Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic can give you back the lost zeal towards life by offering high-end hair restoration surgery. We promise to provide our patients with a permanent solution to hair loss that may have occurred for a number of reasons like improper diet, androgenic alopecia, horomonal imbalance and more. Opting for hair transplant in Haldia has now become a common affair and a myriad of people suffering from such predicament are having recourse to our advanced surgical procedure.

Now, if you are concerned about its natural look, it’s time for you to know that our eminent specialists are well-known for performing the finest surgery. After you undergo hair transplantation in our clinic, you will not only be bestowed with a striking appearance, but will also get the finest worth for your hard-earned money.

Cost of hair transplant in Haldia at PLCSC:

Nowadays, hair loss is not at all an uncommon phenomena and a number of people are suffering from such plight. Thus, you can take it for sure that the patients would belong to a variety of classes. Keeping this genuine factor in mind, we do not offer such price that will put common people in trouble. Rather, we believe in charging a reasonable price rate which can be afforded by one and all.

In most of the cities in India where the cost for the surgery puts people in dilemma, PLCSC announces an affordable price which ranges around Rs. 60,000. Offering a reasonable cost of hair transplant in Hladia, we have happened to grab a myriad of acclamations from our clients, thereby broadening the path towards success.

About Haldia:

A municipality and a prominent city in Purba Medinipur, Haldia is best known for its river port. Located at 125 kilometers away from Kolkata, Haldia is surrounded by an industrial belt and a number of factories as well as plants are making their emergence at the heart of the territory.

Due to the presence of a plethora of manufacturing units, it’s quite likely that the level of pollution in the air would be very high in the area. Different surveys have proved that the rate of alopecia is also in rise due to this prominent reason. Here, PLCSC comes to your perfect aid and performs top-end hair restoration surgery to give your lost confidence back!