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Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon) ( MBBS) (M.S) (M.Ch)
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Hair Transplant in Dhanbad

Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic presents the most advanced treatment for baldness and hair fall in Jharkhand. We are a Kolkata-based medical centre providing hair transplant to the patients coming from the city of Dhanbad at the cheapest possible rate. Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, who heads the clinic, is a reputed hair surgeon, who holds an M.Ch degree in Plastic Surgery from PG Hospital, Kolkata.

Dr. Sonthalia has treated over 4000 patients with successful outcomes every time. The surgeons in PLSCS have been operating under his guidance and helping patients win back their crowning glory in the most natural form ever. We make hair transplant in Dhanbad easy, pain-free, and affordable. Do you want to opt for us? If yes, then give us a call now.

Cost Of Hair Transplant in Dhanbad At PLCSC

When you are about to go under the knife for the sake of your looks, it is only natural to fret about the money you will put in for the purpose. To get back your hair in the most natural form is not an easy breezy thing. It is a complicated surgery which needs to be undertaken with utmost precision and care. However, most clinics in India would charge you a fortune for the same.

We, at PLCSC, understand that every person deserves a great mane and healthy tresses without the attempt becoming an extravaganza. This is why we bring to you the golden opportunity of picking the cheapest cost of hair transplant in Dhanbad. The initial treatment will cost you as low as Rs. 60,000 – a price which is flattering in the pricey market of today. We also facilitate consultation with the surgeon, who will help you decide whether you want to go for the FUT or FUE procedure.

About Dhanbad

This is the most populated city in Jharkhand and popular for coal mining. Dhanbad features a humid subtropical climate along with a tropical wet and dry type of atmosphere. The area also receives heavy rainfall and heat – all wrong for healthy hair. Needless to say, the people here, suffer from serious levels of hair fall and balding.

Thankfully, the city is also a home to many Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic fans and succesful transplant patients. For most reliable and affordable solution for fighting receding hairlines and bald patches in Jharkhand people look up to PLCSC. We provide the best doctors who are proficient and knowledgeable in the field. With us, you can always expect the most natural tuft of hair to grow on your scalp. Do you need more information on our package and procedures? Contact us straightaway.