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Hair Transplant In Bankura

At Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center we offer the best treatment for hair restoration surgery. With the expertise of Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia we have received huge appreciation through our first venture in Kolkata. Hence, we have decided to spread the effect of positive smile to those who shy away and sit at home for their abnormality in hair. Bankura is quite near to the city of joy. We give guaranteed results through the procedure that are everlasting and help you retain the look that you ever wanted.

Hair Transplant In Bankura gives the rustic beauty of this place a glamorous tinge. Now you do not need to cry about a receding hairline or a growing bald patches in the crown area and enjoy the look you always wanted. You can also drop the thought of travelling to any metropolitan city to get the surgery done, because PLCSC welcomes people of Bankura to help you out of the baldness.

Cost of Hair Transplant In Bankura at PLCSC

The next thought that will strike your mind is the pocket pinch. The state-of-the-art equipment don’t make the procedure very expensive, and neither the guaranteed organic results. The cost is kept to the minimum of Rs. 60,000 which makes even the middle class people avail the surgery. With respect to the price the advantages are huge. Who doesn’t like their hair to grow without shedding one? You can achieve this with one surgery. With the natural look of the hair in the grafted area, you will get a voluminous tuft to flaunt. This will in a way increases your confidence level.

Thus the Cost of Hair Transplant In Bankura at PLCSC will not cost you much if you start counting on the advantages that you are about to get. Therefore, you know whom you should visit if you are facing the symptoms of baldness, if you are a resident of Bankura.

About The City

Bankura is the town which is the hometown of most of the people residing in Kolkata. It is also considered as the connecting link between the Chhota Nagpur Plateau and the plains of West Bengal. The handcraft and artifacts of this place attract most of the tourists.

People residing in this place can get affected by the different types of alopecia due to their ill health or habit of having food. No matter what the reason is, one can certainly pay a visit to the PLCSC for any hair related querry.