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Hair Transplant in Alipurduar

Prem Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center (PLCSC) promises the best hair transplant that you would want to achieve for the sudden loss of your hair. The reasons can be plenty for the unexpected hair fall that you might be facing in the recent times. Starting from your unhealthy diet to the exposure of your hair to the extreme styling can cost you as much as a heavy tuft of hair. We understand that hair is a precious part of your body which enhances the beauty aspect of your being, especially if you are a female. But, even for the men, if they tend to lose too much of his hair than their appearance makes them ten years older than their actual age. Therefore, now you know shedding of hair can be a big loss!

But this must not make you frown especially when you have a solution in the name of PLCSC. After receiving huge accolades through our first clinic in Kolkata our good-will reached many cities including Alipurduar. For Hair Transplant in Alipurduar contact our branch.

Cost of Hair Transplant In Alipurduar at PLCSC

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia is an educated and renowned name in this end as he has devoted his career in detailed studies of Plastic surgery, and has commenced a Master Degree in the same. So you know whom to trust when you are facing sudden signs of baldness.

The method is absolutely safe and we look into the possibility of giving you the least pain that is possible, which you might encounter while plucking the hair follicles to make the grafts. We also guarantee you the best possible results as we would examine the scalp before we proceed. The number of grafts is the fluctuating factor of the price so we can also arrange the sittings according to your possibility of giving the money. The Cost of Hair Transplant In Alipurduar at PLCSC is as low as Rs. 60,000. Therefore, come and pay us a visit as and when you need our help.

About Alipurduar

Did you know that this place is the gateway of Bhutan? Alipurduar is a city that has the municipality of the Alipurduar district in the northern region of West Bengal. It is an important landmark helmed at the foothills of the Himalayas, which is situated on the eastern bank of the Kaljani River. Our services will spread smiles to the unhappy faces that are struck by the woes of extreme hair loss.