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Hair Transplant in Aizawl

Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, headed by Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia, is one of the most popular destinations for patients seeking hair transplant surgery in India. With a number of surgeries carried out successfully by a team of trained and talented surgeons, the clinic has earned a good name in the industry.

The surgeons are skilled in both the FUT and FUE techniques of the procedure and help patients grow a thick tuft of hair naturally using state-of-the-art medical equipment. So, should you be looking for hair transplant in Aizawl, look no further than PLCSC we welcome you to our Kolkata clinic.

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Aizawl at PLCSC

The price of getting your hair grafted at Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is very reasonable. The initial cost starts at Rs. 60,000, which is cheaper that that trending in other Indian states and abroad. However, the rate may vary from one individual to another. At PLCSC, we evaluate each patient separately and allow a consultation before they go under the knife. Whether the procedure is an extreme necessity or whether a patient wants to go for it simply for the sake of enhancing his looks, is ascertained first.

The scalp is analysed and the number of grafts is determined. The method (whether FUT or FUE) is then decided. Accordingly, the process is carried out. Because every step is taken with a lot of caution and care to achieve the best, organic results, the cost of hair transplant in Aizawl at PLCSC, therefore, is the most affordable one you can have. We don’t believe in pinching your pocket or denting your wallet and are the most inexpensive option you can ever have for hair grafting.

About Aizawl

The capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl is the most populous area is the state. The city derives its name from the word ‘ai,’ which comes from ‘aidu’ – a species of turmeric in Mizo language. ‘Zawl’ translated means field. Alas, despite the abundance of this herb, the health of the dwellers in the city is deteriorating.

A factor responsible for this is the increasing level of air pollution in the city. Did you know, one in every five people in the city is suffering from intense hair fall and balding? We, at PLCSC, recommend such silent sufferers to undergo the hair transplant surgery as a permanent solution to their woes. For further queries, feel free to contact us.