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Clinic for Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Hair Transplant BenefitsHair Transplantation is the process of redistribution of genetically resistant hair from the back and side portions of the head to the bald area. In our clinic, the patients have had seamless hair transplant procedure using modern methods. The most important advantage of this method is the perfect balance of cost and comfort for the patient. After transplantation of hair on patient's head, the linear scar is not visible. In 2 weeks the donor site looks completely natural, which is not obtained by other methods of hair transplantation. The transplanted hair grows throughout your life and never fall out. Thus, the only real way to restore hair with androgenic alopecia at the moment is- Hair Transplant. It is ineffective to treat baldness by taking various medicines and drugs, since they can only slow down or stops the hair loss, but no drugs will return to you the already lost hair. Hair Transplant is also referred to as Hair Grafting, Hair Replacement or Hair Restoration and the common cause of it is Heredity.

In our clinic the treatment of the patient begins with a consultation; after consultation and examination of the patient, if necessary we conduct an additional examination. Further the determination of how much it would cost for hair transplantation depends on the volume (amount of hair required). Hair transplant in Kolkata is done after seeking an appointment. Our staff will give you expert advice and tell you about all the factors forming the cost of hair transplant. To get detailed information about how much it costs, please contact our clinic. The surgery comes with the guarantee of NO Side-Effects or Adverse Effects. There is NO Gender or Age Bar in this Surgery.

Reasonable Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata, India for Hair Loss

Get a free ebook about hair transplant surgery now!Cost is the first thought that hits any individuals minds, when they are considering hair transplant options. However, you must understand that the cost differs from one patient to the other. The cost of replacing hair depends on the number of grafts planted. It is although not a realistic idea to get a rough estimate. The best possible means to understand the cost is to visit a surgeon and talk to them in person. The factors that can influence the cost include the frequency of Hair Loss. The volume of donor hair comes next and is followed by how good the texture is. Another important factor is what results you desire. No surprises and no false quotations. The cost of hair transplantation in Delhi is Rs 75,000 to 1, 00,000 whereas in United States the cost is $4000 to $15000. Compared to these places the price offered in Kolkata is relatively less. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, the cost starts from Rs 60,000 for the initial treatment. The price per graft is also very reasonable.

The cost of hair transplant also varies from one individual to the other. For example, one particular individual might take up because of dire need. On the other hand, another individual might opt for this cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appeal. There are many clinics that ask you to appear for a charge less scalp analysis. According to the result, the grafts are determined and this is in turn sets the price. A number of clinics that conduct this surgery use modern technique and equipment. Hence, the previous concept - that this biopsy is a costly one, has now been replaced. This surgery can enhance the quality of life. Among numerous advantages of hair transplant, the restoration of buoyancy and a youthful look are some of the amazing results after surgery.

Process of Hair Transplant Surgery

Why Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia?

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia-Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hair Transplantation India

We pointed out that only highly skilled and talented doctors with proven track record and certification are being preferred by people seeking hair transplant. This is one the major reason why people prefer Kolkata and us the the prime clinic for the same.

So, here is Doctor Maneesh Sonthalia, who is one of the best transplant surgery specialists Kolkata, India. Counted among the top surgeons in India, Dr. Sonthalia has done Masters of General Surgery from PG Hospital and he later did M.Ch in Plastic Surgery from PG Hospital Kolkata.

He has performed many successful hair transplantation till date and have satisfied more than 4000 patients. His own clinic is Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery in Kolkata, which is only around thirty minutes away from the Airport or railway station. Accommodation facilities are there for the family members who accompany the patient.

For any consultation regarding hair grafting, hair restoration and hair implantation, you must contact Dr. Sonthalia either online or come down to his chamber.


Why Choose PLCSC Hair Transplant Clinic?

Customized Hair Loss Treatment

Though hair loss is quite a common affliction, but the people who come for the treatment belong to different walks of life. Their desires are the same, but their treatments are customized. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we understand all such problems and provide special restoration and hair augmentation solutions. Before a patient takes up this surgery, the doctors perform a thorough analysis of its symptoms and problems. Consequently, custom- formulated treatment is prescribed.

Natural Looking Results

Are you afraid of the "pluggy look" that your hair transplant treatment might look like? Well, if this is stopping you from taking up this treatment challenge, then shed off that fear. The specialist surgeons who perform this medical procedure ensure that you get natural looking results as well as a good value for your money. The surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery follow the natural direction of your hair growth and perform the surgery.


Rahul Basu

I am a 27 old male who got introduced to the signs of baldness at an early age. Having tried several remedies that didn't give any positive result, I had lost every hope. It was then that a colleague informed me about Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The results of the hair restoration treatment were unbelievable. Indeed a miracle!

All the Fears of Hair Transplant and the Statement from Doctor

Are you experiencing constant hair loss? Or having a tendency to male pattern baldness? Then you are in need of a proper hair transplant process. It can rightly reduce your hair problems and help you get your previous, stunning look back.

Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia [MBBS, M.S. M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)], the best hair grafting specialist is always there to help you get an affordable hair loss treatment. Having fear before the surgery is common. The Doctor is there to answer all your queries. Here are some of the most common problems and fears that patients have before their surgery discussed for your help.


1. I want to opt for Hair transplant, but scared about the scalp grafting. Is it an unbearable pain? I have a phobia of surgeries. Shall I be able to go through the whole process?

We are glad that you open up and trying to cope up and get a better knowledge over the surgical procedure.
Hair transplant involves removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and transplanting them to your bald or thinning area on the scalp. If you have fears in surgery, then we will conduct your surgery using mini grafts and micro graft process. These will help you to have lesser pain.
There is always a local anesthesia injected into the patients, depending upon his physical condition. So, you will not feel any pain during the surgery. We always care our patient and offer them best hospitality to help them in recovering.

2. Is there any precaution that I have to take before undergoing this surgery? What kind of measurements should I expect before the surgery? Tell me about the post operative measures also.

Yes! There are certain precautions that you have to take before coming for surgery.
Stop taking alcohol, tea, coffee, soft drinks, smoking tobacco at least for 24 hours before surgery. Wash your hair using a non-medicated shampoo before entering the operation theatre. Tell your allergic syndromes to the doctor and inform them if you are having any regular medicine.
After having the surgery done, you have to go home safely, and take complete rest until the next morning. Sleep your head elevated at 45 degree angle for 1-3 nights after the surgery. Do not take any aspirin-containing medicines or drink alcohol or smoke at least for 3-5 days. If you face any kind of bleeding from the operated area, promptly inform the doctor about it. We will rightly help you to get controlled pain and wound care and help you to mend it rapidly.

3. May I know, from which part of my body you will take the grafts? Is collecting hair follicles is risky for my health?

Well, we have an advanced process for our patients in the hair grafting category. Firstly, we thoroughly check the medical condition of the patient and determine which part will be beneficial as a donor area. So, you just do not have to be worried about the grafting process.
Absolutely not! We have a strong team of expert hair transplant surgeons who assist me in the surgeries. We will collect the hair grafts and conduct the transplant process delicately. And as we have already informed you about the local anesthesia, you can expect lesser pain in this surgery.

4. What is the basic process of grafting and transplanting? Is it a time taking process?

We generally opt for a normal grafting procedure for patients. But depending upon the health condition of the patient, we sometimes suggest micro and mini grafting procedures. It is a method where the hair follicles and tissues are collected from the donor area and then transplanted to the balding area.
Strip harvesting is always preferable as it takes minimum time to get the surgery complete. But if you have a phobia in surgeries, then you can surely get your desired grafting process from us. Generally, these surgeries take 3-4 hours to get completed.

5. I have fear for pain and I heard that hair transplant is a big process and the pain is also immense. Is the pain bearable? For how many days the pain will remain?

Hair transplant is not at all a big process. What you had heard is wrong. The surgery is a minor one but it has a great significance in one’s life. It radically modifies the personality of a patient.
This process is conducted using local anesthesia and you will feel no pain while undergoing knife. The postoperative pain is quite an issue, but there will be medicines for healing the pain. And the pain after surgery will last only for 1-3 days.

6. There is always a regular medical test done on the patient before surgery. Is there any need for prior testing in this surgery also?

Yes, we have a proper procedure for hair transplantation. We will do a thorough check up to your medical condition and know about your lifestyle and previous medical cases. Then we will fix the date of surgery and inform you about the pre-operative measures.

7. There are cases, where the transplant went wrong and the patients have gone through a tough time. So, how much is the chance of success in my case? Is there any probability of infection? If an infection occurs, then how do you mend it?

Yes! You are true. There are several cases of failure in this surgery. But you have to know the reason behind it. There are several clinics claim to be authentic and offer hair transplant surgeries at cheap rate. But the fact is, most of them do not have any authentication and certified surgeons to conduct the process. But patients opt for them as they are offering the transplant procedure at cheap rate. So, naturally the surgery always went wrong with them and it is raising the rate of unsuccessful surgery.
But we are the most authentic hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, rather in India. We have the best team of hair surgeons. We have a record of delivering all successful hair grafting surgeries till date. So you can expect the best result from your surgery.
Infections occur due to various reasons. You do not have to worry about our clinic’s hygienic quotient, but we do not take risks about the health of our patients. We will provide you anti-infection medicines for safety.
If still any infection occurs after the surgery, you just have to come to our clinic. We will suggest high quality medicines and ointments for your infection. It will take only 1-2 days to cure properly.

8. As I am a service man, I will not have much leave from my office. So, how much time it will take as a whole? Especially, how much time it will take for mending after the surgery?

We always value your time. The surgery takes only 3-4 hours to get completed. So, if you get yourself admitted to our clinic in the morning, you will rightly be discharged within that day. But taking proper rest for 1-3 day is must. Hope this will be fine to balance your office and health.
The surgical wounds will be mended within 3-5 days. You have to maintain the post operative measures for faster result. But the operative scars may remain for a few days.

9. Is it looks awkward when the hair nine changes after surgery? Is there any guarantee that my appearance will be modified after the surgery? Can I expect a better thickness and growth in my hair?

I can guarantee that you will love when people look at your after your transplant. The gaze is of adoration and praising. So it never feels awkward.
Surely, you will get a better appearance after hair transplant. The receding hairline will be vanished and thicker hair will be there to make you look better. You can get your desired hairline after surgery.
There are several examples of celebrities who have perk up their hair growth after having this surgery. So, you can surely expect a better, thicker hair with proper growth. The growth will be visible after 1 month of the surgery.

10. How many days it will take for the scar to disappear? Is there any chance to grow hair in the scar line? When I can expect the real result after this surgery?

The scar will take 1-3 months to get vanished from your scalp. If you have a better growth after surgery, then the scar will not decrease your hair’s appearance.
Yes, there is a chance to grow hair in the scar lines. But you have to be patient in this process. Growing hair from the scar line will start after at least 3-5 months of surgery.
You can expect the real result of this surgery after 4-5 months. After 4-5 months the hair growth will be normal and you can do your desired hair style and enjoy being stylish.
So, why thinking? Get started to grab the best look with the help of our expert team. You will surely get your desired look at ease of proper medical procedures at our clinic.

The Exorbitant Cost of Hair Transplant in India is now History!

Kolkata commonly known as "city of joy" is famous for its rich history and spiritual places. Being the second largest city in India, it attracts multitudinous tourist and has become one of the most alluring travel destination in the country. The city is regarded as India's erudite and cultural capital. It is well-known for literature and revolutionary heritage. The fact that the living cost in Kolkata is very less compared to the other cities in the country has made the town one of the most popular destinations. Hair Loss is quite common in Kolkata and you will find that out of 10 people, 6 are having hair loss or they are bald. The reasons behind the hair loss are the pollution, weather and water that we consume. In the last few years we can witness that the pollution level of Kolkata has increased due to certain reasons and we should take adequate steps to take care of our hair. Heredity plays a very important role in Baldness and it can be avoided by Hair Transplant Surgery. The scorching heat and humidity during summer is one of the main causes of hair fall problems. You may be losing your hair due to many factors such as water, weather, hereditary and health conditions. The water in Kolkata is rich in iron, thus becomes the major issue for excessive hair loss. If you are going through severe hair loss, then the best solution for you would be to opt for hair transplantation surgery. The default notion about any surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, is centered round its effectiveness and expenditure. Once people are made aware about the potency of the surgery, the price will not be an obstacle. Nonetheless, given the fact that this surgery is a permanent solution; you need to squeeze your wallet a little more.

It is good news for all those people who have decided to undertake this surgery and still contemplating, that the rates have been revised. There hasn't been a very major difference, but the general range has been re-considered. It however, doesn't affect the price of grafts, medicines and other related stuffs. Obviously, the volume of hair that you want is a strong detrimental factor.

To conclude, take few of these handy tips into account. Consult and take the advice of an expert plastic surgeon. You can enquire from them about post-surgery expenses. Last but not the least; be well informed about the pros and cons before opting for this surgical procedure.

Let Us Plan Your Hair Transplant

If you would like to know about the top hair transplantation surgeries, feel free to contact us or call us at +91 99038 98098 to talk with our expert surgeons. Our prime aim is to provide the best results with effective solution.

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