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Descent Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata, India

“Cost” is the first thought that hits people’s minds, when they are considering hair transplant options. However, you must understand that the cost of hair transplant differs from one patient to the other. The cost of replacing hair depends on the number of grafts planted. It is although not a realistic idea to get a rough estimate. The best possible means to understand the cost is to visit a surgeon and talk to them in person. The factors that can influence the cost include the frequency of Hair Loss. The volume of donor hair comes next and is followed by how good the texture is. Another important factor is what results you desire.

The cost of hair transplant also varies from one individual to the other. For example, one particular individual might take up hair transplant because of dire need. On the other hand, another individual might opt for this cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appeal. There are many clinics that ask you to appear for a charge less scalp analysis. According to the result, the grafts are determined and this is in turn sets the price. A number of clinics that conduct this surgery use modern technique and equipment. Hence, the previous concept - that this biopsy is a costly one, has now been replaced.

Process of Hair Transplant Surgery

Why Choose Us?

Customized Hair Loss Treatment

Though hair loss is quite a common affliction, but the people who come for the treatment belong to different walks of life. Their desires are the same, but their treatments are customized. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we understand all such problems and provide special restoration and hair augmentation solutions. Before a patient takes up this surgery, the doctors perform a thorough analysis of its symptoms and problems. Consequently, custom- formulated treatment is prescribed.

Natural Looking Results

Are you afraid of the “pluggy look” that your hair transplant treatment might look like? Well, if this is stopping you from taking up the hair transplant treatment challenge, then shed off that fear. The specialist surgeons who perform this medical procedure ensure that you get natural looking results as well as a good value for your money. The surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery follow the natural direction of your hair growth and perform the surgery.


Rahul Basu

I am a 27 old male who got introduced to the signs of baldness at an early age. Having tried several remedies that didn't give any positive result, I had lost every hope. It was then that a colleague informed me about Prem Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. The results of the hair restoration treatment were unbelievable. Indeed a miracle!


The Exorbitant Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata is now History!

The default notion about any surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, is centered round its effectiveness and expenditure. Once, people are made aware about the potency of the surgery, the price will not be an obstacle. Nonetheless, given the fact that hair transplant is a permanent solution; you need to squeeze your wallet a little more.

It is good news for all those people who have decided to undertake this surgery and still contemplating, that the rates have been revised. There hasn’t been a very major difference, but the general range has been re-considered. It however, doesn’t affect the price of grafts, medicines and other related stuffs. Obviously, the volume of hair that you want is a strong detrimental factor.

To conclude, take few of these handy tips into account. Consult and take the advice of an expert plastic surgeon. You can enquire from them about post-surgery expenses. Last but not the least; be well informed about the pros and cons before opting for this surgical procedure.